What Is A Sand Agreement

I. Generalities (1) These terms and conditions of sale and delivery (the «Conditions» or this «contract») automatically apply to any contract to purchase Tronox`s equipment (the «seller»). There is no agreed addition, amendment, renewal or abrogation of this contract that engages the parties unless they are signed in writing or on behalf of the parties. Any change to these conditions is only valid if it is abbreviated in writing and signed by both parties. The provisions of these conditions therefore prevail over all other terms of sale between the parties. (2) «parties» collectively refers to the buyer and seller, and «party» refers to one of them, depending on the context. The seller term used in this contract includes all companies in which the seller has a direct or indirect stake of 50 per cent (50%) I didn`t do it. or more. (3) «Special Conditions,» the content of the cover page of this agreement, which contains the details and/or amendments to the agreement, as agreed between the parties. As a result, the content of the special conditions replaces the terms and conditions contained in them. 4.

This contract, which is read under the specific terms, is the only protocol of the agreement reached between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. None of the parties is bound by an express, tacit or tacit clause, insurance, guarantee, commitment, or other, which is not registered there. This contract replaces and replaces all previous obligations, commitments or commitments, written or written, between the parties with respect to the purpose of this treaty. 5. If the seller agrees in writing to a supplement or change in the terms and conditions, the other conditions remain unchanged and the buyer is not entitled to deduct the rights of such a supplement or modification in a subsequent contract or other legal relationship. (6) The titles contained in these conditions are included for reasons of mere reference and have no influence on their design or interpretation. 7. Any electronic communication between the seller and the buyer is considered a «letter» and/or «written. The electronic communications system used by the seller is the only proof of the content, date of delivery and receipt of these electronic communications. 8. Any reference to the day, month or year must be interpreted as a Gregorian day, month or year.

This agreement is deemed to be concluded by the parties in the State of Queensland and any action regarding the terms and conditions of this agreement is attributable to the jurisdiction of the State of Queensland. XI. Patents and technical advice (1) Unless the seller is manufactured according to a buyer`s design, process or formula, the seller guarantees that the material supplied by that product in the form sold by the seller, packaged and as it stands, does not infringe a South African patent, an American, German, Dutch or Australian patent; provided that the seller does not assume responsibility for an allegation of violation resulting from the use, consumption, combination or other treatment of this material. (2) The seller`s technical advice is provided orally, in writing or in the form of good faith processes or drawings, but without any guarantee and are not considered to be any change in the respective rights and obligations of the seller and buyer, as stated above, or as the buyer`s approval of the intended use of the material (if the seller knows) or as an expression of the fact that the purchaser may use the material in a specific manner without infringing on the property rights of a third party.