Violates Our Microsoft Services Agreement

Your account has been blocked – We have discovered some activities that go against our Microsoft service contract, and your account has been blocked. Go and log in to your locked-in account. I was a premium user always lost all the data in the account. The Microsoft team said the account will not be unlocked. I`m worried if all the data is safe, since Microsoft scans them and based on that they have blocked the account. there is no privacy with a storage drive and so I stopped using it. After a lot of research, these emails seem true, the link of the address is correct, the link «Check the last activity» goes to and I followed the header on interference with, damage or spoofing microsoft networks, services or other systems. . If your security code doesn`t work, be sure to enter the numbers into the message and not the numbers in the head. Thanks for your comments, it helps us improve the site. In order to better protect you and your data, we block the ability to request security codes on certain phone numbers if the risk of fraud can be detected. Don`t use programs, scripts or robots to create Microsoft accounts. The quickest way to unlock your account is to request and enter a security code online.

If you haven`t tried to unlock your account online, we recommend you launch it. Don`t send content to people you don`t know or to many people at the same time. As requested by the support, I created another email ID to track the first one. but things are still not moving. this forum is my last hope to access my data. The data is very valuable to me and it is my mistake to trust a tool to keep my data safe. Unfortunately, I don`t have a local copy of my data. Do not send unwanted advertising or advertising content. Either something phishing you and it`s just an automated attack and the bot does it wrong, or does someone have a personal Microsoft account (go > report it in > relevant email address >Work or the staff? Personal-> See if you receive an order prompt) and this is attacked or they have lost the password.

As suggested, I submitted «Microsoft locked account review form.» But my account is not unlocked. My account was blocked in mid-October 2019 and is still not unlocked in December. I tried different ways to contact Microsoft Support to help me, but all ended with sending a form with a response time of 24 hours and without action or follow-up by the Microsoft team. I have important data on OneDrive and I`m not able to access it for 50 days now. I pay an annual subscription for my O365 account.